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PM 550 Upright Smoker/Pit with Enclosed Firebox


Smoker with built in fully enclosed firebox and upright chamber–all stainless steel

• Stainless steel upright barbecue pit/smoker with firebox and a total cooking surface of over 1700 sq. in.
• Constructed of high quality 12 & 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel
• Over 1100 sq. in. of cooking surface on pit side – over 600 sq. in. inside upright smoker along with 4 sausage hanging hooks
• Removable heavy gauge charcoal/water pan located in main pit chamber
• Firebox has removable ash pan for easy clean up
• Storage of wood and/or charcoal bags
• Stainless steel front and side tray gives ample work surface
• Large, easy to read thermometer
• Stainless steel hardware and hinges
• Paper towel holder and utensil hooks
• Lifetime burnout warranty on firebox
• 420 lb. 86″L x 32″W x 72″H

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