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PM 550S BI


Smoker with built in fully enclosed firebox–all stainless steel

• Built-in stainless steel barbecue pit/ smoker with enclosed firebox
• Double wall insulated firebox
• Over 900 sq. in. of cooking surface. Grills are built of stainless steel round bar and stainless steel round bar and stainless expanded metal
• Constructed of high quality, 304 stainless steel
• Removable heavy gauge charcoal/ water pan located in main pit chamber
• Firebox has removable ash pan for easy clean up
• Large, easy to read thermometer
• Stainless steel hardware and hinges
• Lifetime burnout warranty on firebox
• 285 lb. 63″L x 25″W x 44″H (these are actual dimensions of unit)
• Adjustable charcoal rack
• Heavy duty rotisserie and BBQ pit modification

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