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PM 1000 BI Single Infrared Burner


• Self supporting, built-in single Infrared gas grill, 32000 BTU’s. Excellent grill for steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops, fajitas, hamburgers, fish, vegetables, and much more.
• Constructed of high quality 304, stainless steel
• Infrared burners produce heat in excess of 1600 degrees.
• Food doesn’t dry out or lose flavor. Grilling 3/4″ to 1″ steak takes approximately 6.5 minutes to cook it “medium.”
• Unit may be configured for LP or natural gas.
• Attractive design, not big and bulky.
• Unit is self supporting, which simplifies installation.
• All stainless steel hardware.
• Lifetime burnout warranty on stainless steel- 5 year on burners.
• 85 lb. 25″L x 22″W x 10″H (these are actual dimensions of unit- not cut out dimensions)
Medium duty rotisserie


• Infrared Burners (32,000 BTU) - Perfect for searing steaks, grilling fajitas, boneless chicken breasts, tuna and salmon steaks, vegetables and so much more.

• H-Type Burner (30,000 BTU) - Slow cooking thicker cuts of meat such as tenderloins, chicken parts, sausage, and more.

• Pressure Burner (40,000 BTU) - This burner gives you the ability to fry, boil, simmer and basically cook anything you would normally cook indoors


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