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Adjustable Charcoal Rack (ADJ)


• Adjustable charcoal rack. Available for all products listed in chart above.
• Located inside the body of the pit and is easily adjusted by using the hand crank located under the front shelf.
• Rack is made of expanded metal and is removable for access to the removable ash pan for quick and easy clean up.
• This versatile tool will allow you to sear your meat, increase cooking time and make the heat of the charcoal last longer, simply by adjusting the height of the charcoal.
• To slow or in-direct cook, remove the grate from the adjustable rack and use the charcoal/ash pan in the body of the pit to hold charcoal.
• For adjustable charcoal rack option in built-in BBQ pits/smokers you must allow for fireplace key entrance in island/outdoor kitchen structure.

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