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PM 200S


All stainless steel barbecue pit with adjustable charcoal rack. Will last a lifetime!

• Stainless steel barbecue pit with adjustable charcoal rack, allows you to easily and safely adjust coals from bottom of pit to within 2″ of cooking surface

• Constructed of high quality, 304 stainless steel

• Over 900 square inches of cooking surface- grills are built of stainless steel round bar with welded frames

• Stainless steel dampers for easy temperature control

• Heavy gauge expanded stainless steel for storage of charcoal bags

• Stainless steel front and side trays give ample work surface

• Heavy duty rubber wheels and 3″ casters make for easy mobility

• Large, easy to read thermometer

• Paper towel holder and utensil hooks

• 200 lb. 58″L x 32″W x 58″H


• Infrared Burners (32,000 BTU) - Perfect for searing steaks, grilling fajitas, boneless chicken breasts, tuna and salmon steaks, vegetables and so much more.

• H-Type Burner (30,000 BTU) - Slow cooking thicker cuts of meat such as tenderloins, chicken parts, sausage, and more.

• Pressure Burner (40,000 BTU) - This burner gives you the ability to fry, boil, simmer and basically cook anything you would normally cook indoors

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